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Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd. predecessor  Shenzhen Yonan Appliance Co., Ltd., & Shenzhen Yonan Air Conditioning CO.,LTD. Based on the solid foundation that “ Yonan Air Conditioning CO.,LTD.” 10 years’ huge investment and international trade experience accumulation , Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd. is rebuilt in 2012 . By virtue of the brand certifications that we originally got in over 150 countries , we join hands with the home appliance manufactures that do OEM production for world famous brand , build one stand “Yonan E Trade “ international vertical electrical appliances furniture O2M professional trading platform ,depend on Yonan brand, do oversea business together .


1、OZM pattern

2、Yonan E Trade platform provide many services to each business division, include brand output , clients resources sharing , fund support, cross-border settlement support ,certification service, risk and issue management.

3、It charges platform service fee 2% of sales volume from all goods that exported through Yonan E Trade . The settlement date is on Dec. 31th every year , the dividend proportion adjustment shall be completed before March in next year .


Requirement to business division’s franchise enterprise 

1 The productive home appliance & furnishing enterprise which made OEM products for oversea market persistently before, with supreme quality and production management ability, annual output value be above 30 million RMB .

2 Intended to join hands , be willing to share clients’ resources , contact with capital market , enjoy the financial value brought from listing of a company . 

3 Appoint the specialist team to be responsible of Yonan E Trade professional business divisions goods’ export ,transport , and payment settlement ,etc.

4 Agree to pay 2% of the sales value as the platform service fee to Yonan E Trade .


Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd development project 

Step 1 Yonan air conditioning business division and refrigerator &washing machine business division go on line on May, 2014 .( Original air conditioning and refrigerator&washing machine business units of Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd is moved to Yonan E Trade platform , be a duplicable pattern .)

Step 2 : Recruit home appliance industrial solid production ability OEM factory , form strategic alliances .

Step 3 : Each factory’s goods are exported through Yonan E Trade , which provide services like brand output , client resource sharing , financial support , cross-board settlement ,products certification ,risk and issue management etc.

Step 4: Set up XX limited partnership , Yonan E Trade platform transfer 30% equity to the limited partnership(temperately held by substantial shareholder).Two years later , each one could occupy share of the XX limited partnership according to each factories’ exported goods sales value and profit contribution proportion .

Step 5: Go on NEED in beginning of 2016, transfer of listing on 2017 , all factories that belong to each business division will share Yonan Company’s financial value in capital market .