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Yonan Appliance History

★2002, Shenzhen YONAN Air Conditioning Co., Ltd founded, formally went into the industry of production, sales, R&D of air conditioner.

★2003, Joined Alibaba E-commerce Platform, became one of the first enterprises doing international business by B2B.

★2003, Established Hong Kong Xiaoxiongmao Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. (company cancelled in 2012)

★2004, Founded Hong Kong Yonan Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.(now we’re going through procedures of company cancellation)

★2004, Started to cooperate with Made-in-China B2B E-Commerce Platform.

★2005, Started to join overseas air conditioning Exhibitions and visiting worldwide customers.

★2007, founded Air conditioner Production Base with the name of Yonan Air Conditioning Factory near Yantian Port in Shenzhen

★2008, The production capacity and sales volume doubled than the previous year, and ranked the top in export volume of air conditioner in China

★2009, founded Shenzhen Yongyuan Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. with sole proprietorship Of Shenzhen Yonan Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

★2010, The quantity of Yonan’s overseas end-transacted customer reach more than 1100, and potential customers are over 10000.

★2012, Founded Shenzhen Yonan Appliance Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Yonan Global E-Trade Co., Ltd.

★2014, Establish Foshan Yonan Home Appliance Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Yonan Home Appliance Co., Ltd.

★2015, Shenzhen Yonan Appliance Co., Ltd renamed Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd


Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd Corporate Culture 

1. Core culture spirit: passionate, professional, efficient, innovative

2. Yonan Vision: let the people worldwide breath fresh air

3. Core Value: Mutual Benefit, win-win cooperation

4. Business Philosophy: take sales in the leading role; take technology as support, take quality as our life; take efficiency as our focus

5. HR concept: self-improvement, happy growth, realizing the dream, common development.

6. Working principle: rapid response, immediate action, implementation in place, and persistence