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How to stop the on-going dry mould-proof function?

Posted by:YONAN Published: 2015/01/08

Q: How to stop the on-going dry mould-proof function?

A: Dry mould-proof function refers that the turning off on refrigerating, dehumidifying, and auto refrigerating, the air conditioner will keep on running for 10 minutes in low speed, to dry out the moisture on the evaporator (meanwhile the dry mold-proof signature will still shine), preventing the hydrops and mildewing of 

evaporator and blowing out peculiar smell. This function is default setting. If you really want to stop the running of dry mould-proof function, you can set the remote control to Healthy Mode, and press the ON/OFF button to start the air conditioner, and press the same button to stop the running after 5 seconds. Remark: When the dry mould-proof function is activated, it is suggested that you do not restart the air conditioner before the air conditioner stop running.