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Not enough from air conditioning to air solution. It’s said Haier will promote several new models.

Posted by:YONAN Published: 2014/09/30

  As early as this July , media published that the “from air conditioning to air solution “ will be the develop trend and direction of air conditioning industry in cold year 2015 .After that , enterprises include Haier, Midea, Hisense etc. were posting “ air solution” and air products .A few days ago , there is tip-off that Haier , which firstly published the air solution , is preparing the models that will be promoted in September , these models will truly solve the products and marketing landing of “from air conditioning to air solution"

  And against the can be called "revolutionary" new products that haier will release in September, the above these people say that the released new products will directly aim at user’s many problems in air for many years in multiple aspects, to solve the problems of products category fragmentation that is brought from current "air conditioning to air solution". For example, we provide more flexible improvement scheme that according to the different needs of air temperature , humidity, cleanliness between North and South China .

  To the concrete details of the new released products this time, haier said all  products currently is still in the research and development, and trial stage. The current published information maybe not necessarily accurate and different with ones in September. However, the people has made it clear that many of the new released products will change the traditional understanding of air conditioner external design and internal function , bring more impact sensory experience, will go beyond the Day zun air conditioner designed by  “smoke released” and released last year by haier.